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Hot Drinks / Hot Drinks
  • Mocha

    Espresso with steamed milk, chocolate, whipped cream opt.
  • Espresso

    Double shot of our premium blend
  • Cafe au Lait

    Coffee with steamed milk
  • French Press

    Coffee brewed in press for a fresh bold flavor
  • Hot Chocolate

    Chocolate with steamed milk, optional whipped cream
  • Matcha Latte

    Matcha Green Tea with steamed milk, little foam
  • Chai Latte

    Masala Chai with steamed milk
  • Steamer

    Fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk
  • Cappuccino

    Espresso With Milk, and Whipped Cream
  • Latte

    Espresso, White Chocolate, Milk, Ice and Cream
  • Americano

    Espresso Shots and Light Layer of Crema
  • Con Panna

    Double shot of espresso topped with whipped cream
  • Macchiato

    Double shot of espresso with a touch of steamed milk
  • Pour Over

    Hot water poured over freshly ground coffee
  • Fresh Brew

    Choose from our fresh daily brews