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Coffee and Community

What Happens Here

01Origin Trips

For a coffee roaster, one of the most rewarding experiences is “going to origin,” or traveling abroad to purchase raw beans from farmers. Because the coffee plant flourishes near the equator in distant countries like Colombia, Kenya, and Indonesia, there is often a disconnect between farmers and U.S. coffee distributors. At Lofts Coffee Company, we seek to bridge this gap. We take pride in building sustainable, equitable, and long-term relationships with our farmers. It is our goal to develop an appreciation for the task of growing and processing exceptional beans to bring back to coffee lovers in Portsmouth, Ohio. To foster this relationship with farming partners, and to ensure we are bringing you the highest-quality product, we travel to origin regularly.

02Our Process

After sourcing beans from our global farming partners, we prepare our coffee in-house through a process called “roasting.” There are many ways to roast coffee—all of which create a different coffee experience. Through our very own perfected processes, we bring out a variety of aromatic flavor profiles from our diverse blend of beans. From the aroma to the flavor, our roasting process not only creates the perfect cup of coffee—it also creates an experience found only at the Lofts.

03Community Impact

At Lofts Coffee Company, we are committed to building a business that actively supports the local community. We are passionate about creating exceptional products and we are proud to help make a difference here in Southern Ohio. Giving back through education, innovation, and resources is a part of our business philosophy. We strive to engage with our local area through our community partners and organizations.