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CEO of Getting things done!

Danny has been with the company pre 2014. From coffee to maintenance, he is the Lofts go to guy that lands the plane when things need done.


Pastry Chef

Megan is a pastry chef from Cincinnati



I want to set an example that no matter your past or where you've been, you can always make it out and be the person you're meant to be. I strive to be the best version of myself everyday- no matter what happened yesterday, tomorrow holds a new beginning. My motto: ``Master the moment!``



Jillian is an alumnus of Shawnee State University, and has plans to attend graduate school in the next two years, but is undecided on what program. She fell in love with the Portsmouth area for the quirky locals and thriving potential. When she's not brewing coffee, you can find her gardening, reading, or pursuing new and interesting avenues of self-improvement and education.



Mikayla is a student at Shawnee State University where she studies Psychology. Since she's been a barista at the Lofts, Mikayla has discovered a love for coffee and has met some amazing people. When not at the Lofts she's hanging out with friends and family.






Table ``Buster``

Fox is a shoe connoisseur and a pro FortNite gamer. He is the shops table ``buster`` or some might say table busser. He attends Portsmouth STEM Academy, enjoys studying science and loves taste testing new foods.





our skills

Serving up a great cup of coffee is our specialty.  Our baristas strive each day to sharpen their skills with intense appreciation for our craft.  Our business is coffee,  community, and people.  We have a passion to provide great customer service in  a unique atmosphere that enhances one on one unforgettable experiences through quality coffee and conservation.  Over the years the best compliments received are stories about people spending time with their loved ones at the Lofts has been some of their best conversations.

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