Meet Our Team


CEO of Getting things done!

Danny has been with the company pre 2014. From coffee to maintenance, he is the Lofts go to guy that lands the plane when things need done.


Pastry Chef

Megan Kennedy is a professional chef originally from Cincinnati. She has experience in fine dining, resort, corporate, and clinical settings. She is also a painter and professional caricature artist. You can find her at She has degrees from both the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning (DAAP) and Le Cordon Bleu Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. Her favorite coffee drink is a Cafe Miel and her favorite bourbon is Woodford Reserve.



I want to set an example that no matter your past or where you've been, you can always make it out and be the person you're meant to be. I strive to be the best version of myself everyday- no matter what happened yesterday, tomorrow holds a new beginning. My motto: ``Master the moment!``



Al is a recent graduate of Portsmouth STEM Academy



Mikayla is a student at Shawnee State University where she studies Psychology. Since she's been a barista at the Lofts, Mikayla has discovered a love for coffee and has met some amazing people. When not at the Lofts she's hanging out with friends and family.



Sara Blaske is a professional illustrator born and raised in the Scioto River Valley. She has experience in traditional/digital illustration and graphic design. You can find her works at<br /> She is also an independent game developer as a concept artist and qa lead for Luminosity Mobile along side her twin sister, Emily. You can find out more about their team at Sara is a graduate from Shawnee State University with a BFA in Drawing and a Minor in Art History, allowing her to travel overseas to Europe during her time at SSU. You can find her creating your favorite latte or at local conferences showing her artistic prowess in the latest in video game development. Her favorite wine is Risata Red Moscato and her favorite drinks are the Lofts iced Cubano and London Fog, food is nigiri sushi.



Brooke is a student at SSU studying to become a nurse. She is a Utah original and loves the local Scioto hills and valley. When not working she spends time with family and friends. Brooke is excited for her future in medicine.


Table ``Buster``

Fox is a shoe connoisseur and a pro FortNite gamer. He is the shops table ``buster`` or some might say table busser. He attends Portsmouth STEM Academy, enjoys studying science and loves taste testing new foods.



Our Culture

Serving up a great cup of coffee is our specialty.  Our baristas strive each day to sharpen their skills with appreciation for our craft.  Our business is coffee,  community, and people.  We have a passion to provide great customer service in a unique atmosphere that enhances-one-on one unforgettable experiences through quality coffee and conservation.  Over the years, the best compliments received are stories about people spending time with their loved ones at the Lofts.


It is very important for you to understand our CULTURE, our CUSTOMERS and your CO-WORKERS.  We are in the HUMAN CONNECTION BUSINESS.

We hire people that truly care about people.  Everyone deserves a smile, a warm greeting and a great cup of coffee. We hire people who are genuinely friendly and outgoing, people who enjoy engaging in conversations with others.  We value building community relationships.  We hire people who can earn the trust of our customers through kindness and friendship.  We hire people who take their job seriously not just for a hobby or a paycheck.  We hire people who work well with others.  We hire people who can be TEAM players.  Part of being a team player is caring about your co-workers. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of working together and enjoying your job, while meeting your financial and scheduling needs. There is a 6 month training process which is why we hope to build at least a two year relationship with full and part time crew members. You will be joining a skilled and passionate TEAM.  Being nice and treating ALL people with respect must be something wrapped up in your DNA and lived out in your everyday life.  Some examples of this are:

  • Team player’s set others up for success
  • They show up on time or early for each shift
  • They are drama free -We have a NO DRAMA policy.
  • They are flexible and available to cover additional shifts when needed.
  • Team players leave their personal problems at the door. 

If you have these skills or are interested in learning these skills, please complete the following questions and attach resume along with references and availability.

 We post a 3-week schedule at all times.
 Shift times are set for our team and our customers. This keeps our crew strong and drama free, the consistency aides training and promotes building strong relationships with our customers.
 We require at least 3 weeks’ notice when time off is requested.
 We do not allow tardy arrival.
 We do not allow for no-shows or last minute scheduling changes – we expect that all employees schedule their personal life around their scheduled work week.
 We require minimum of 3 shifts at 15-20 hours a week.

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