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Our Process


We start with fair trade green coffee that is carefully selected from farms, after extensive sampling and quality testing.  We value the relationship with our farmers and their families.

Fair Trade

Sourced Globally


Coffee Roasting

Our job is to bring out the best aromas, flavors, and quality in every bean of green coffee.  Each roast is quality driven and consist of a custom profile developed for each specific batch of globally sourced beans.

Locally Roasted 0
Globally Sourced 0

Packaging and Shipping Coffee

We package and ship within 24 hours after roasting. Choose from our single origin coffees or our custom house blends in 12 ounce whole bean bags.  Looking for the perfect coffee lovers gift, we offer a Lofts commemorative airtight storage container which holds up to 2lbs of whole bean coffee.

Our Craft

Roasting, brewing, and crafting a great cup of coffee for our local community is the backbone of our business.

Hand Crafted

Carefully Brewed Coffee

Quality Driven

Locally Owned

The sweet smell of coffee aroma is in the air daily in Portsmouth Ohio. We care a great deal about roasting each batch according to the point of origin. We choose beans with a great deal of thought, grind them just before brewing and brew them carefully. It is our craft and our pleasure to deliver our community a great cup of coffee.

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