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Job Application Questionnaire / Job Application Questionnaire

Job Application Questionnaire

Welcome to Lofts Coffee Company Job Application Questionnaire

Phone Number

Have you worked in coffee before? If so what was your role?

Do you drink Coffee?

Do you know anyone working at the Lofts? If so who?

Are you a morning person? Can you do opening shifts prior to 6am?

Are you a morning person?

Can you be here at 6am?

Any problems leaving at 11pm?  After cleanup and prepping for the morning shift?

Do you have schedule limitations such as School, second job, any hours or days unavailable?  Explain so we can accommodate.

Do you have a license and own transportation?

What is your commute time to the Lofts?

Cleaning is 80% of the job.  Can you unstop a toilet and clean a restroom properly?

Can you properly clean after each order with food/drinks to keep the counters cleaned/sanitized and presentable at all times?

Can you multi-task during busy rushes? How do you work under pressure?

Are you addicted to your phone and can you leave it in your locker if asked?

Do you answer calls after work from co-workers or the coffee shop if needed?

How many hours would you like to work?

Can you give a specific example of a time you went out of your way to help a co-worker, school mate or stranger?

We are in the relationship business.  Can you build relationships with customers and are you comfortable asking them their name?

After having a bad day, do you have the ability to show up for work and give 100%?

Do you pay your own bills? If so which ones?

Have you looked over our entire website?

Tell us about your hobbies, interest, and what you enjoy doing.

Do you smoke or vape?

Do you smoke?

If the opportunity presents itself, would you be interested in a lead position with our company?

Are you old enough to serve alcohol? What is your current age?

Do you have bartending or serving experience?  If so explain.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?  If so please explain.  (Convictions will not disqualify you.)

Please describe any customer experience on working with the public.  Can be work or school or volunteer related.

Do you have the ability to read and interpret written documents, demonstrate basic retail sales techniques, and apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions?

Are you willing to cover additional shifts if needed?

Do you have any trips planned in the next 6 months?

If a student, do you plan to go home on college breaks?

Do you have the ability to properly prepare coffee drinks and food according to written recipes and procedures?

Which do you prefer?

When can you start?

What makes you a good fit for this job?

Customer experience is part of our culture. Do you have the ability to provide exceptional customer service? Can you greet a customer properly with a kind greeting and smile?

What was the last job you worked? How long did you work there and reason for leaving?

Are you a team player? Can you be kind and treat fellow employees with kindness and be helpful in shared task?

After having a bad day, do you have the ability to show up for work and give 100%?

We are team players, do work well under managers, can take direction and properly give feedback?

Do you have a goal you are currently working towards?